Cannabis is a sensorial experience.

Whether cannabis enthusiasts choose flowers, edibles, or concentrate — a myriad of aromas, flavors, and effects keep them coming back for more.

Everything that makes cannabis products enjoyable, however, disintegrates when one environmental condition is off — humidity.

Whether you grow cannabis, manufacture marijuana products, or operate a cannabis-based dispensary — nothing is more important than humidity control. Read along as we discuss the benefits of packaging and storing cannabis-based products with 2-way humidity control packets from HUMI-SMART.

Terpene Retention

Terpenes are the soul of cannabis flowers.

Terpenes are organic compounds responsible for a marijuana strains:

  • Aroma
  • Flavor
  • Effects

The problem is that terpenes are volatile and degrade quickly post-harvest. As cannabis flowers encounter air, moisture, and a fluctuation of temperatures, terpenes begin to lose their luster — even when stored in airtight containers.

So, if terpenes are crucial to the overall cannabis experience, how can you effectively retain terpenes?

The answer is simple — manage humidity levels with a 2-way humidity control packet from HUMI-SMART.

By storing and packaging cannabis products with HUMI-SMART 2-way humidity control packets, you will achieve maximum terpene retention. Therefore, the benefits of packaging HUMI-SMART 2-way humidity control packets with cannabis is:

  • Increased aroma
  • Increased flavor
  • Increased effects

Don’t risk your cannabis terpenes another day — the answer to flavorful and aromatic cannabis is 2-way humidity control from HUMI-SMART packets.

Maintain Your Client’s Confidence

As a cannabis cultivator, manufacturer, or dispensary operator — your number one goal is to maintain your client’s confidence.

Whether your client is a recreational cannabis enthusiast or a medical marijuana dispensary, the goal is always the same — provide top-shelf cannabis products that look, feel, taste, and smell amazing.

By packaging cannabis products, such as THC-rich flowers or hemp flowers, with a 2-way humidity pack from HUMI-SMART — your clients will always receive fresh cannabis.

Maintain Freshness

If you want your cannabis to never age a day — store your cannabis-based products with a 2-way humidity packet from HUMI-SMART.

Cannabis products, such as flowers, are dried after harvest. However, buds that are too dry lose flavor, potency, aroma and become brittle when touched.

Humidity is the key player in maintaining freshness. Therefore, adding a humidity control packet from HUMI-SMART to a container filled with buds or a case loaded with pre-rolls is the ideal solution.

Remember, cannabis must be stored at a relative humidity of 58-62%. Above this range and cannabis products may become too wet. Anything below this optimal range and cannabis products may become too dry.

By harnessing HUMI-SMART’s 58% and 62% RH 2-way humidity packets, you will always achieve optimal freshness.

Safe For The Environment

Another benefit of using HUMI-SMART humidity control packets is that they are safe for the environment.

Here’s a list of additional benefits of HUMI-SMART humidity control packets:

  • Biodegradable
  • Do not contain preservatives or chemicals
  • Safe to use with cannabis
  • Emit purified water to maintain stable humidity

Therefore, HUMI-SMART humidity control packages benefit everything, from the environment to the end-user; there’s nothing safer than HUMI-SMART.

Always Package Your Cannabis Products With HUMI-SMART

Packaging cannabis products is a two-way street.

In other words, you must package your cannabis products with HUMI-SMART humidity packets to ensure your clients receive the best products possible. In return, your clients will always come back for more.

If you’re ready to elevate cannabis products to their utmost potential with a sustainable solution, the time is now to package and store cannabis-based products with HUMI-SMART 2-way humidity control packets.