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HUMI-SMART at NECANN September 10-12 at Booth 714

HUMI-SMART at NECANN September 10-12 at Booth 714

The New England Cannabis Convention Returns to Boston SEPTEMBER 10-12, 2021 Hynes Convention Center 900 Boylston St, Boston, MA HUMI-SMART Booth #714 Exhibit Hall Hours Friday, September 10     11:00 AM – 5:00 PM Saturday, September 11    11:00 AM – 5:00 PM Sunday,...


What is HUMI-SMART 2-Way Humidity Control?

HUMI-SMART is a special blend of food science and technology, that releases or absorbs moisture, maintaining relative humidity in a contained environment.


HUMI-SMART will prevent over drying and mold growth by achieving the ideal relative humidity (RH) level. You will maintain and enhance color, aroma, flavor and overall quality of your tobacco, cigar, herbs, or flower.   

  • Free of Corrosive Salts
  • HUMI-SMART 2-way Humidity Packs will not alter  flavor or aromas.
  • HUMI-SMART packs are tear resistant, thus remains stays pliable reducing risk of tear and spills.
  • We include a Humidity Indicator Card as a hands-free way of monitoring the (RH) level in your container, so there’s no guessing game as to when your Humi-Smart pack is ready to be replaced. When the PINK dot on the Humidity Indicator Card turns BLUE, its time to put a fresh Humi-Smart pack in your container.
What size do you recommend for the amount of tobacco/herbs I have?
  • 1gram – 12grams:  4grams of HUMI-SMART packs
  • 12grams – 28grams: 8grams of HUMI-SMART packs
  •  up to 1lb: use 60grams of HUMI-SMART packs
Can I use more than one pack in a container?

YES! There is no harm in using multiple packs to introduce moisture faster.  HUMI-SMART packs will automatically respond accordingly.

How do I know what size HUMI-SMART to use?

We’ll give you a general guideline, but there are things that will impact the performance of your HUMI-SMART. The climate in which you store your cigars will have the biggest impact on the performance of your HUMI-SMART. If the humidity is low, your HUMI-SMART will have to work harder to maintain the level in your storage (humidor, travel humidor, bag, box) container, thus decreasing its lifespan.  If you are in a humid climate, your HUMI-SMART will last longer due to it having to work less. You can never use too many HUMI-SMART, so don’t worry about putting an extra one in to help share the workload. The second biggest contributor to the lifespan of your HUMI-SMART is the size of container that you’re humidifying relative to the number of cigars you are storing. If you have 5 cigars in a 100 count wooden humidor, the HUMI-SMART is working harder than if you had 100 cigars in there. 


For every 25 cigars you are storing, you need at least one 60 gram HUMI-SMART pack, when storing them in the smallest space possible.


If you’re taking 3-5 cigars for the weekend, in a small zip lock style bag, or a small five count travel humidor the 4 gram HUMI-SMART should be good for the weekend (unless you’re in the desert, then use an 8 gram HUMI-SMART).


If you’re taking 5-10 cigars, then use an 8 gram HUMI-SMART.


If you’re taking 10-25 cigars, use the 30 gram HUMI-SMART.

How do I know I know when my Humi-Smart is no longer able to keep my cigars humidified?

If you notice the RH level on your hygrometer is decreasing, your HUMI-SMART is at the end of its effectiveness.  The other option is using the Humidity Indicator Card that comes in each package of HUMI-SMART. When the pink dot begins to turn blue, you are close to exceeding or exceeding a 5% RH decrease from the HUMI-SMART it came with.  The card IS reusable so don’t throw it away. As you add new HUMI-SMART to your humidor, the dot will begin to return to pink again.

How do I make my HUMI-SMART last longer?

Making sure you don’t leave your humidor or bag opened longer than you need it is the easiest way.  

Ensuring that you are using the right size humidor, and right quantity of HUMI-SMART will also help. We always recommend using the smallest size humidor for your cigars, and then adding one additional HUMI-SMART. If you have 100 cigars in a 100 count desktop humidor, we’d recommend 4 HUMI-SMART 60 gram packs for the 100 cigars, plus 1 additional 60 gram HUMI-SMART to help out bringing the total to 5 HUMI-SMART 60 gram packs in your humidor.

What does my Humidity Indicator do?

Your HUMI-SMART comes with a card that has a special formulation that changes color when the humidity drops below 5% of the RH of your HUMI-SMART or exceeds 5% of the RH of your HUMI-SMART. The color will change from pink to blue when the humidity strays more than 5% in either direction.  The card is reusable so even when your HUMI-SMART is no longer working effectively, and your Humidity Indicator card has turned to blue, when you replace the old HUMI-SMART with a new HUMI-SMART, it will change back to pink.

How long will my HUMI-SMART last?

It’s entirely dependent on the environment you’re using it in, and the moisture level of the product you’re keeping fresh.


-If your product was dry when you put your HUMI-SMART in with it, you will shorten the lifespan of the HUMI-SMART.


-If your product contained too much moisture, your HUMI-SMART will last longer.


-If you live in an environment with low humidity, your HUMI-SMART will not last as long as if you lived in a humid environment.


-If you repeatedly open and close the container you are using, you will shorten the lifespan of the HUMI-SMART.


Bottom line, you can never have too many HUMI-SMART’s in your container, and you should rely on your Humidity Indicator Card or a precise hygrometer to tell you when it’s time to change them out.

What happens if I use two different RH% HUMI-SMART’S in the same container?

We definitely don’t recommend this.  It won’t average them out. They will actually be fighting one another, with one trying to add moisture and one trying to take moisture out.  It will shorten the lifespan of both HUMI-SMART’s tremendously.

How it Works

Say goodbye to too wet and too dry.

HUMI-SMART’s 2-way humidity control technology responds to the environment you place it in—either releasing or absorbing moisture as needed to ensure the optimal environment for everything from your favorite pantry items to rare cigars. 

Safe, all organic minerals and plant based fibers are 100% non-toxic.

All of our products are FDA-approved, spill- and tear-resistant, biodegradable and non-toxic. Plus, they’re 100% all organic minerals and plant based fibers—so they won’t alter the taste of your pantry items, cannabis or rare cigars—and are made with food-grade approved ink.

 Stop playing the guessing game.

Every HUMI-SMART 2-way humidity pack includes a Replacement Indicator Card. Simply replace the current HUMI-SMART pack when the PINK dot on the Humidity Indicator Card turns BLUE.

 Humidity control that adapts to your needs.

Whether you live on a humid coast or in a landlocked desert,  HUMI-SMART 2-way humidity packs respond and adapt to the environment they’re placed in, creating optimal moisture levels with minimal work.

Composition of ingredients: Highly proficient humidity buffering agents are individually processed and combined with all natural plant fibers, immersed into a solution which is blended with different types of organic polymers, then dried to an exact moisture content to produce the perfectly stabilized RH% within 2% of the listed pack number.

HUMI-SMART’s unique outer pack wrap allows for the most effective TWO-WAY humidity control to ensure your products remain FRESH and USABLE at the exact RH% of your choosing.


Available in 4, 8, 30, and 60 gram sizes

HUMI-SMART in the 4 & 8 gram sizes are desinged for travel humidors, jars, bags, and small containers.  HUMI-SMART in the 30 & 60 gram sizes are desinged for larger humidors or containers.


Become a Retailer

With HUMI-SMART your customers can maintain their humidity sensitive products without maintenance.  Available in multiple sizes and RH levels you can provide your customers with two-way humidity control that fits their needs.


Ship with HUMI-SMART

Without HUMI-SMART in your packaging process, you lose control over quality once your package ships.

With HUMI-SMART in your manufacturing process you will no longer experience lost time & revenue with returns, and most importantly the reputation of your brand will continue to stand out.