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HUMI-SMART 69% Sample Pack


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Order a HUMI-SMART 69% Sample pack and receive the following items to try out:

1 – 60G HUMI-SMART Pack for up to 50 cigars 1 – 30G HUMI-SMART Pack for up to 25 cigars 1 – 8G HUMI-SMART Pack for up to 10 cigars 2 – 4G HUMI-SMART Packs for up to 5 cigars

All HUMI-SMART products are FDA-approved, spill and tear-resistant,  biodegradable and non-toxic. In addition, they’re 100% SALT-FREE, so they won’t  alter the taste of your pantry items, cannabis or rare cigars—and are made with  food-grade approved ink.