We’ll give you a general guideline, but there are things that will impact the performance of your HUMI-SMART. The climate in which you store your cigars will have the biggest impact on the performance of your HUMI-SMART. If the humidity is low, your HUMI-SMART will have to work harder to maintain the level in your storage (humidor, travel humidor, bag, box) container, thus decreasing its lifespan.  If you are in a humid climate, your HUMI-SMART will last longer due to it having to work less. You can never use too many HUMI-SMART, so don’t worry about putting an extra one in to help share the workload. The second biggest contributor to the lifespan of your HUMI-SMART is the size of container that you’re humidifying relative to the number of cigars you are storing. If you have 5 cigars in a 100 count wooden humidor, the HUMI-SMART is working harder than if you had 100 cigars in there. 

For every 25 cigars you are storing, you need at least one 60 gram HUMI-SMART pack, when storing them in the smallest space possible.

If you’re taking 3-5 cigars for the weekend, in a small zip lock style bag, or a small five count travel humidor the 4 gram HUMI-SMART should be good for the weekend (unless you’re in the desert, then use an 8 gram HUMI-SMART).

If you’re taking 5-10 cigars, then use an 8 gram HUMI-SMART.

If you’re taking 10-25 cigars, use the 30 gram HUMI-SMART.